Summit Positioning

            As one of the most influential retail banking industry events in the mainland China, RBI2019 is committed to sharethe most successful retail banking digital transformation cases and the most innovative ideas and technologies application in the world. We will in-depth discuss the current market opportunities and innovation trends, existing problems and strategic measures to help industry decision makers gain insight into future trends and drive innovation across the retail banking industry.

            The summit will gather more than 100 commercial banks from home and abroad, more than 300 senior representatives from commercial banks, financial technology companies and solution service providers will attend this event. You will hear global insights from 30+ eminent speakers from leading companies in the industry. Together we will explore the best solutions to help your retail banking business gain a competitive advantages in China and the Asia Pacific market, achieving a long-term sustainable development goal. RBI2019 also set up the "Golden Deer Awards Ceremony" to recognize and reward companies and individuals who have made significant breakthroughs in the retail banking business. We look forward to hearing from the voices of global retail banking challengers and innovators at RBI2019!

Part of Confirmed Speakers


Part of Confirmed Attendees

Topic Highlights

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