In recent years, within the decline of world environmental quality and the increasing pressure has increasing the people in sub-health state. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to personal health problems. With the enhancement of people's health consciousness, people began to choose healthy foods and drinks gradually. The market share of carbonated drinks has been decreasing continuously due to the demand, and tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and functional drinks have been popular among people.

    Functional Drinks is a Drink that adjusts the composition and content of natural nutrients in beverages to meet the nutritional needs of some special people. It is suitable for drinking in specific populations. It has the function of regulating body function and not treating diseases. Functional drinks accounted for nearly 13% of the whole beverage market, and more than 150 kinds of products. According to the industry research institute is expected in 2017, only China functional drinks retail sales will be more than 40 billion yuan. The global market of functional drinks showed a rapid growth trend, and the average annual growth rate was over 10%.

    In this summit, we will mainly focus on four parts: market supervision, formulation and industrial production innovation, marketing and investment trend, hoping to help the whole Functional Drinks industry.

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