Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues:

It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the 3rd Insurance Innovation Congress China 2018, to be held on April 9-10th, in Shanghai, China. In 2017, the regulator is further implementing the guideline of “Maintain the Ensuring Traits of Insurance” and Chinese insurance industry is growing steadily. Meanwhile, we’ have seen some new Phenomena and problems.

The living spaces Medium and small-sized P&C insurers are further squeezed under the influence of 2nd Round Commercial Auto Premium Reform. The "quick return" annuity insurance, additional universal pension insurance, which were main force of scale growth in life insurance premium, was halted as required by N0.134 document of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Meanwhile, more newcomers are joining the competition of the industry, while will bring more new variables. Meanwhile, technologies have become a hot topic for the developing model. Many insurance companies are applying artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. into their business process, aiming to cut down cost and improve efficiency.

Under this background, 3rd Insurance Innovation Congress China 2018 will bring you the analysis on the new innovations and tendencies of the industry and it’s a great honor to invite you to discuss, together with us and other guests, the solutions under more strict policies in the aspects of market, products, operating models, so on and so forth.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of 3rd Insurance Innovation Congress China 2018

Agenda Overview

New Trends and Challenges for Insurance Industry under New Circumstances Forum

0900 Maintaining the Ensuring Traits of Insurance- to PromoteInsurance Supply-side Reform by Innovation

0920 A Roadmap to the Future: Disruption and Opportunities

0940 How will Small and Medium-sized Insurers Overcome the Hurdles?

1000 Coffee Break

1030 Cross-border Integration-to BuildAn Eco-system for Internet Insurance Industry

1100 Catastrophe Insurance System: Risk Modeling, Main Problems, and New Trends

1130 The Practices of Mutual Insurance in China

1200 Insurance Under Sharing Economy: Challenges and Innovation

1230 Luncheon Sponsorship Available

Sub-Forum 1: Life Insurance Products and Market Trends:New Motives and Breakthroughs

1400 Customer-oriented + Security-ensured: theDevelopment of Universal Life Insurance in America and Suggestions for Chinese Players

1430 Individual Tax Deferred Commercial Pension Insurance: Status Quo, Difficulties and Prospects

1500 Health Insurance: Health Insurance + Health Management + Medical Treatment

1530 Coffee Break

1600 The Innovative Model Exploration for Long Term Care Insurance

1630 Critical Illness Insurance: Practices and Explorations

1700 What’s the Development Direction of the BancassuranceChannel of Life Insurance?

1730 Panel Discussion: How will Life Insurers Develop and Breakthrough under the Influence of New Policies

  • Break down customers, channels, products, etc.
  • Promoting main business through the development of specialty business
  • Innovation: technology, products, operation model, etc.
  • ...
  • Sub-Forum 2: Property Insurance Products and Market Trends:Diversification and Equalization

    1400 The Challenges of Autonomous Cars and Shared Cars on Motor Insurance

    1430 Liability Insurance: Status Quo and Prospects

    1500 The Innovative Exploration of Agricultural Insurance: Insurance + Futures, Index Insurance,etc.

    1530 Coffee Break

    1600 Products Diversification of Engineering Insurance

    1630 Credit and Guarantee Insurance: How to Control the Risk

    1700 Cyber Security Insurance- to Know, Monitor and Quantify the Risk

    1730 Panel Discussion: Breakthroughs:the Balanced and Diversified Developmentof Property Insurance Products

  • An analysis on status quo
  • The future of motor insurance: to keep or to cut
  • The predictive prospects of unconventional insurance: Liability insurance, agricultural insurance, construction insurance, etc.
  • The influence of technologies and services
  • Technologies and Services: to Improve Operation Efficiency andReduce Operating Costs Forum

    Session1:New Trends for Insurance Products: Precision, Personalization, and Customization

    0900 Precision Pricing: Big Data and Forecast Analysis

    0930 Customization of Insurance Products in the Age of IoT

    1000 Coffee Break

    Session 2: To Improvethe Efficiency of Marketing and Sales Channels

    1030 From low frequency to high frequency:Scene Marketing , precise Marketing and Big Data

    1100 The Digital Innovation of Direct Sales Model

    Session 3: Technologies Make Underwriting More Intelligent

    1130 Blockchain and Smart Contract

    1200 Smart Underwriting: to Be Accurate and Quickly

    1230 Panel Discussion: Imagine Future Insurance under the Influence of Technologies

    1400 Panel Discussion: Imagine Future Insurance under the Influence of Technologies

    Session 4: Ingraining of Technologies: Easier Claims Management

    1430 Artificial Intelligence and Claims Automation

    1500 Combating Fraud with the Help of Technology: Big Data + AI + Machine learning

    1530 Image Recognition Technology and Intelligent Loss Assessment

    1600 Coffee Break

    Session 5: Improving Customer Experience and Value & Cyber Security

    1630 Cyber Security solutions for Insurance Automation and Digitalization

    1700 Using Chat Robots & Human Face Recognition toImprove Efficiency and Customer Experiences

    1730 Improving Customer Engagement –Data-Driven Customer Operations and Management

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  • Government
  • Research institutes
  • Associations
  • Insurers/Reinsurers
  • Agencies/brokers
  • Consultancy
  • Law firms
  • Rating institutions
  • Actuarial service agencies
  • Service suppliers
  • Payments
  • Assistance
  • Others

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