Event Background

    Driven by global continued economic growth, increasing income levels, aging population, expanding healthcare market, and incentive policies, the global health insurance industry is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 8% for 2015-2025. And the global private health insurance premium is expected to double by 2025.

    Asia Pacific, Latin America and MEA will be the fastest growing markets in health insurance industry, and the growth in Europe and North America will still be stable in the coming years.

    Besides the high growth expectations, the global health insurance industry is also going through a wide-ranging and deep-going transformation. Changing customer expectations, rising healthcare costs, intense competition, shift to value-based model of care, advancements in technology, and many other new trends are changing and reshaping the whole industry. The future belongs to those who can see ahead and plan for it.

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Key topics

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    ♦ World health insurance development and innovation landscape
    ♦ Global health insurance: status, trends and prospects
    ♦ Healthcare system in the UK: NHS and PHI
    ♦ Health insurance in APAC
    ♦ Health insurance in Africa
    ♦ Health insurance in Europe
    ♦ Universal health coverage
    ♦ Strategies and practices of keeping costs down
    ♦ Global practices of cost containment
    ♦ Managing network and developing prevention
    ♦ Global PMB market scenario
    ♦ Health insurance products innovation
    ♦ Tailoring health insurance products for niche needs
    ♦ Moving from medical care to health management
    ♦ Rise of chronic diseases and protection opportunities
    ♦ Healthcare and health insurance for the aging population
    ♦ Behavioral health insurance
    ♦ Big data, analytics and AI in health insurance
    ♦ Automated underwriting
    ♦ Automated claims
    ♦ Chatbots and voice assistants
    ♦ Digital journey to a new healthcare and health insurance era
    ♦ The future of digital health care
    ♦ Blockchain to make health insurance more seamless
    ♦ mHealth and mobile trends in health insurance
    ♦ GDPR
    ♦ Digital customer experience

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